180 Best Troll Names to Inspire Your Fantasy and Many More

Best Troll Names

Trolls are mythical creatures that have been a part of fantasy and folklore for centuries. From the towering, brutish trolls of Scandinavian mythology to the cunning, mischievous trolls of fairy tales, these creatures have taken on various forms and personalities throughout history. In recent years, trolls have also become a staple of the gaming world, appearing in popular games such as World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and The Witcher.

One of the defining features of trolls is their unique and memorable names. Troll names are often imbued with a sense of power, ferocity, or playfulness, reflecting the character’s personality and background. These names hold a special place in the realms of fantasy and gaming worlds, evoking an aura of mystique and wonder that captivates players and readers alike.

Choosing the perfect troll name for your character is crucial as it helps define their identity and role in the story or gameplay. A well-chosen name can make a character more relatable and memorable, helping to create a deeper connection between the player or reader and the character. In this blog post, we will explore various categories of troll names, providing you with a list of 30 names for each category to inspire your creativity.

We will start with the best troll names, which are known for their powerful and fearsome connotations. These names are perfect for warriors, hunters, and other fierce characters. Next, we will delve into female and male troll names, which reflect the gender and personality traits of the character. We will also explore cute and funny troll names, which are ideal for characters that are more playful or humorous.

In addition to these categories, we will also explore two other categories of troll names: mythological and modern. Mythological troll names draw inspiration from traditional folklore and legends, while modern troll names blend contemporary trends with traditional charm.

With our comprehensive list of 30 troll names for each category, you will have plenty of inspiration to create your own unique and memorable troll name. So, let’s dive in and explore the fascinating world of troll names!

Exploring The Complexities Of Troll Culture

Troll culture is a complex and multifaceted subject, as trolls have been a part of folklore and mythology for centuries and have taken on various forms and personalities in different cultures. However, in contemporary fantasy and gaming worlds, troll culture is often portrayed as a society of fierce and brutish creatures that value strength and cunning above all else.

In many fantasy settings, trolls are depicted as living in tribal communities and are ruled by powerful chieftains or warlords. These communities are often isolated from the rest of the world, living in remote mountain ranges, deep forests, or underground caverns. They have their own unique language, customs, and traditions, which are often steeped in mythology and folklore.

In some depictions of troll culture, the creatures are shown as being highly competitive and aggressive, engaging in fierce battles and contests to prove their dominance over others. They are also known for their fondness for loot and treasure, often hoarding valuable items in their underground lairs.

Despite their reputation for aggression, trolls are sometimes depicted as having a complex social structure and strong family bonds. They may have elaborate rituals and ceremonies to mark important life events, such as births, marriages, and deaths. In some cases, trolls may also form alliances with other races or communities for mutual benefit, although these alliances are often tenuous and prone to betrayal.

Overall, troll culture is a fascinating and complex subject that varies greatly depending on the fantasy world or gaming setting in which it is portrayed. However, common themes include strength, cunning, competitiveness, and fierce loyalty to one’s family and community.

Best Troll Names

  1. Thraknar the Mighty
  2. Gruzzel the Cunning
  3. Volgarth the Savage
  4. Rokthar the Merciless
  5. Skarvax the Enslaver
  6. Grumzog the Relentless
  7. Vorgath the Unbreakable
  8. Khazrag the Defiler
  9. Gorzoth the Dominator
  10. Brakgar the Conqueror
  11. Zul’jin the Wise
  12. Kargath the Vengeful
  13. Jorlak the Deceiver
  14. Krazgar the Ruthless
  15. Lok’tar the Unyielding
  16. Drak’zor the Terrible
  17. Xul’gath the Destroyer
  18. Grommash the Avenger
  19. Throkkar the Thunderous
  20. Az’gar the Warbringer
  21. Korrak the Bloodthirsty
  22. Zor’gath the Devourer
  23. Yarzoth the Eviscerator
  24. Vor’thul the Impaler
  25. Grukthar the Decimator
  26. Uth’gar the Unstoppable
  27. Rakkor the Annihilator
  28. Tharnok the Colossus
  29. Skarnok the Invulnerable
  30. Hargul the Executioner

Modern Troll Names

Looking for something contemporary and unique? Here are 30 modern troll names that blend today’s trends with the traditional charm of troll lore.

  1. Pixel the Technomancer
  2. Glitch the Gamer
  3. Hashtag the Influencer
  4. Gif the Animator
  5. Meme the Entertainer
  6. Skroll the Scroller
  7. Stream the Broadcaster
  8. Vlog the Video Master
  9. Tweet the Commentator
  10. Swipe the Swiper
  11. Snap the Photographer
  12. App the Apparition
  13. Wifi the Connector
  14. Emoji the Expressive
  15. Cloud the Data Keeper
  16. Crypt the Cryptocurrency
  17. Blockchain the Chain Master
  18. Drone the Skywatcher
  19. IoT the Networker
  20. AI the Artificial Intelligence
  21. VR the Virtual Realist
  22. Aug the Augmented
  23. Bio the Geneticist
  24. Nano the Tiny Tinkerer
  25. Cyber the Cybernetic
  26. Quantum the Particle Whisperer
  27. Solar the Sun Worshiper
  28. Fusion the Energy Master
  29. Electric the Current Bringer
  30. Eco the Earth Lover

Female Troll Names

  1. Zul’ana the Fierce
  2. Vistra the Dark
  3. Lashra the Cunning
  4. Gathra the Enchantress
  5. Kaela the Swift
  6. Rylara the Silent
  7. Thraza the Tempest
  8. Ylara the Shadow
  9. Xyra the Poisonous
  10. Zel’jin the Serpent
  11. Torva the Huntress
  12. Skada the Siren
  13. Vora the Vengeful
  14. Morga the Man-eater
  15. Ghalra the Grim
  16. Draka the Reaver
  17. Nara the Bloodcaller
  18. Zylara the Illusionist
  19. Jorla the Bonecrusher
  20. Shaz’ra the Dreaded
  21. Korra the Warmaiden
  22. Vex’ara the Manipulator
  23. Yrel the Ravager
  24. Azra the Despoiler
  25. Faela the Dominatrix
  26. Grela the Berserker
  27. Thraka the Broodmother
  28. Vel’ara the Slaughterer
  29. Xalara the Deceiver
  30. Hagra the Unforgiving

Male Troll Names

  1. Rognar the Stout
  2. Thrak the Swift
  3. Vork the Hunter
  4. Grul the Wise
  5. Kraz the Cursed
  6. Zol the Seeker
  7. Grom the Brawler
  8. Narg the Ferocious
  9. Jarg the Wanderer
  10. Skalg the Outcast
  11. Torz the Earthshaker
  12. Ulg the Seer
  13. Brakk the Protector
  14. Karg the Reckless
  15. Farg the Trickster
  16. Zulm the Untamed
  17. Throg the Marauder
  18. Xorg the Resolute
  19. Vark the Raider
  20. Gronk the Mender
  21. Harg the Shapeshifter
  22. Drak the Loyal
  23. Yorl the Relentless
  24. Waz the Inventor
  25. Skrag the Mauler
  26. Urok the Conqueror
  27. Zagr the Stalker
  28. Rokg the Tinkerer
  29. Krol the Defiant
  30. Gruz the Cunning

Cute Troll Names

1. Pogg the Playful 11. Wiggly the Wobbly 21. Whiskers the Whimsical
2. Snazzle the Snuggler 12. Razz the Rascal 22. Nibbles the Nuzzler
3. Blinky the Bright 13. Toots the Tiny 23. Squiggle the Squirmy
4. Tinka the Tickler 14. Mimsy the Munchkin 24. Truffles the Troublemaker
6. Giggles the Grinner 16. Breezy the Breezer 26. Twix the Twirly
7. Bumble the Bouncy 17. Pippin the Pint-sized 27. Jingles the Jester
8. Zipp the Zesty 18. Skittles the Sweet 28. Fizzle the Fizzy
9. Lolly the Laughing 19. Fluffy the Fluffball 29. Huggy the Huggable
10. Cuddles the Cozy 20. Dinky the Daring 30. Squee the Squeaker

Funny Troll Names

  1. Grumble the Grouch
  2. Fartgust the Flatulent
  3. Noodle the Noodler
  4. Snark the Snarky
  5. Pudge the Plump
  6. Skid the Slippery
  7. Wobble the Wonky
  8. Stinkfoot the Smelly
  9. Splotch the Splotchy
  10. Gawk the Gawker
  11. Hiccup the Hiccupy
  12. Zit the Zitty
  13. Burp the Belcher
  14. Doodle the Doodler
  15. Snoot the Snooty
  16. Grin the Goofball
  17. Slap the Slapper
  18. Smudge the Smudger
  19. Jiggle the Jiggly
  20. Whiff the Whiffy
  21. Goo the Goopy
  22. Flap the Flapper
  23. Snore the Snorer
  24. Blab the Blabber
  25. Squint the Squinter
  26. Glitch the Glitchy
  27. Slink the Slinky
  28. Gag the Gagger
  29. Chomp the Chomper
  30. Smirk the Smirker

What To Look For When Choosing Names

Selecting the perfect troll name for your character is a crucial step in the character creation process. Here are some essential factors to consider when choosing a troll name to ensure it aligns with your character’s story, traits, and personality:

Connection to Character’s Background: A well-chosen name should reflect your character’s history, culture, or origins. Consider selecting a name that is rooted in the character’s in-world environment or based on their race, occupation, or social status.

Personality: A troll’s name should also align with the character’s personality traits, whether they are fierce, cunning, mischievous, or kind-hearted. Choosing a name that reflects these traits can help make your character more believable and relatable.

Memorability: Aim for a name that is easy to remember and pronounce. Unique and catchy names are more likely to resonate with players or readers and create a lasting impression.

Synergy with Character’s Role: Your character’s name should complement their role in the story or gameplay. For instance, a warrior troll may have a strong and forceful name, while a healer troll might have a soothing or nurturing name.

Sound and Flow: Consider the phonetics and rhythm of the name. A harmonious name with a pleasant sound and flow can contribute to a more immersive and engaging experience.

Originality: While it’s helpful to draw inspiration from existing troll names, strive to create a unique and original name that distinguishes your character from others. This can help make your character more memorable and interesting.

Adaptability: If your character is likely to evolve or change throughout the story or gameplay, choose a name that can adapt to these transformations. A versatile name can help maintain consistency and continuity in your character’s journey.

Theme Consistency: If your character is part of a group or family, consider choosing a name that aligns with the naming conventions or themes of the group. This can help create a sense of cohesion and belonging.

By keeping these factors in mind while choosing a troll name, you can ensure that the name you select truly embodies your character’s essence and contributes to a richer and more engaging experience.


Throughout this blog post, we have explored various categories of troll names, providing you with a comprehensive list of 30 names for each category. We hope that these lists have sparked your creativity and inspired you to create your own unique and memorable troll names for your characters in the fantasy or gaming worlds. Choosing the right troll name for your character is essential as it reflects their personality, backstory, and role in their world. Whether you opt for a fierce and powerful name, a cute and playful moniker, or a funny and humorous nickname, remember that the most important aspect is that the name resonates with you and your character’s story.

Now that you have a plethora of troll names to choose from, we encourage you to mix and match, combine elements from different categories, or even create completely new names. The sky is the limit when it comes to your imagination, and the world of trolls is vast and full of possibilities.

Good luck on your naming journey, and may your characters come to life with the perfect troll name that embodies their essence!

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