Can Tigers Be Domesticated?

Can Tigers Be Domesticated

With their magnificent mane, bright orange and black striped coat, and sharp teeth, tigers are simultaneously beautiful and terrifying. They are one of the largest cats in the world and also an apex predator, which means they have no natural predators. These fierce rainforest dwellers tend to strike fear in most people—but that doesn’t mean we can’t get closer to them. In this blog post, you will discover if tigers can be domesticated, learn about the different tiger subspecies and where they live, as well how you can get even closer to these beautiful creatures.

Can Tigers Be Domesticated?

No, tigers cannot be domesticated. They can be difficult to tame and are dangerous even when raised as pets. They also lack the temperament that makes animals suitable as pets. Tigers are generally solitary animals and do not appreciate the company of other tigers. Additionally, they are both powerful and dangerous, making them difficult to handle.

Why Tiger Cannot Be Domesticated? 

1. Tigers Are Territorial By Nature

The biggest reason why it is impossible to domesticate tigers is that they are territorial by nature. Tigers are fierce predators who love to hunt and kill their prey. They are also territorial by nature and hence, they love to roam around and mark their territory by spraying pheromones. Even when they are not looking for food, they are still territorial and would not want anybody coming near to their territory. If you try to domesticate a tiger and keep it as a pet, you’ll have to keep it inside your house and have it around you at all times. But isn’t that a bit dangerous? What if the tiger gets hungry and tries to hunt you? What if the tiger gets territorial and doesn’t want you to come near it? What if it sees you as a threat and tries to attack you? All of these are very likely to happen when you are keeping a tiger as a pet. These are just a few of the many reasons why it is impossible to domesticate tigers.

2. Keeping A Tiger As A Pet Is Illegal

Another reason why keeping a tiger as a pet is absolutely impossible is that it is illegal. There are many countries that have banned the breeding of wild animals as pets. If you are keeping a tiger as a pet in Australia, you’ll be committing a crime. Getting arrested is definitely not the best way to spend your time. There are many countries that have banned the keeping of wild animals as pets. There have been several cases where people have been arrested while keeping tigers and other dangerous wild animals as pets. Keeping a tiger as a pet is a criminal offense. If you are caught doing it, you can expect to be punished.

3. Tigers Are Prolific Breeders

Another reason why keeping tigers as pets is impossible is that they are prolific breeders. Tigers are known to breed very quickly and have a very high reproductive rate. You might love the idea of having a pet tiger but do you think you can handle the noise of the squalling cubs? You might think that you can keep the cubs with the mother so that you don’t have to deal with the noise. However, keeping the cubs with the mother is not a good idea either. The mother will have to spend a lot of her energy and time taking care of the cubs and that leaves her with very little time to eat and drink water. Keeping cubs with their mother is not an ideal situation. You’ll have to separate the cubs from their mother so that the mother can take care of herself. This means that you’ll have to get rid of the mother tiger.

4. Tigers Are Incapable Of Being Tamed And Trained

Another reason why keeping tigers as pets is impossible is that they are not capable of being tamed and trained. Tigers are wild animals and hence, they are not domesticated. Wild animals cannot be tamed and trained. Keeping a tiger as a pet is impossible because it is impossible to tame and train a wild animal. No matter how much you love the tiger, it is not going to love you back. It is important to remember that tigers are wild animals and they can never be tamed like a domestic pet. It is a common misconception that if you tame a wild animal as a child, it will remain tame as an adult. This is not true. Wild animals are wild by nature and they cannot be tamed like domestic animals.

5. Keeping Tiger Cubs As Pets Is Also Illegal

Another reason why keeping a tiger as a pet is impossible is that it is illegal to keep tiger cubs as pets. The cubs of a tigress are known to be very cute and adorable. They look like mini tigers. However, you cannot keep them as pets. There are many people who want to keep tiger cubs as pets. Keeping tiger cubs as pets is also illegal in most countries. There are many people who want to own a tiger cub but not many people know how to get one. Most people think that the best way to get a tiger cub is to steal it from its mother. Keeping tiger cubs as pets is a crime. You can be sent to jail for it. You should know that there are many organizations that can help you adopt a tiger cub legally.

How To Get Closer To Tigers?

  1. The best way to get closer to tigers is to visit a zoological park or wildlife sanctuary. These animals have been rescued from circuses, as well as from people who had illegally bred them. 
  2. A great example of this is the Tikki Hywood Foundation in Zimbabwe, which is home to six rescued Bengal tigers. 
  3. There are also many sanctuaries in India and Nepal where you can get really close to the tigers.

Which Tiger Can Be Domesticated?

1. Sumatran tiger

The Sumatran tiger (also called the Indonesian tiger) is the smallest subspecies of the tiger, and it can be found in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. It is critically endangered, with only between 400 and 500 individuals left in the wild. Its numbers have dropped so dramatically due to habitat loss and poaching. Sumatran tigers are smaller than other subspecies, and they have a patchier coat. While they are still fearsome, they are the most friendly of the tigers and the best candidates for being domesticated.

2. Indo-Chinese Tiger

The Indo-Chinese tiger also called the Chinese Bengal tiger, is the most numerous subspecies. It can be found in eastern and southern China and in northern Myanmar. This subspecies is endangered, with only about 1,000 individuals left in the wild. The Indo-Chinese tiger is a bit smaller than the Bengal tiger, but it is just as ferocious. Like all subspecies of tiger, it is critically endangered, but individuals have been known to be very friendly and can be domesticated.


Fierce and powerful, the tiger is a beautiful animal that inspires awe and excitement in all who come across it. When it comes to getting closer to tigers, the best way is to visit a zoo or wildlife sanctuary that has rescued tigers or other animals. You can also volunteer at one of these places and get even closer to these beautiful creatures. These are all great ways to get closer to this amazing animal and learn more about its behavior and lifestyle. And who knows? With a little luck, you may even get to experience the thrill of being stalked by a tiger.

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