200 Golf Dog Names: The Golfing Paws

Golf Dog Names

Are you an avid golfer who also happens to be a dog lover? If so, you understand the joy of both pursuits and might be searching for a unique and fitting name for your four-legged companion. The world of golf dog names offers a creative and fun way to celebrate your love for the sport while honoring your furry friend. Whether you’re a scratch golfer or a weekend warrior, naming your dog after a golf-related term can add a touch of personality and playfulness to your canine companion’s identity. In this article, we delve into the realm of golf dog names, providing a comprehensive list of options inspired by golf equipment, famous golfers, iconic courses, and much more. Get ready to tee off on an exciting journey to find the perfect golf-inspired name for your beloved pup.

What Is The Connection Between Golf And Dog Ownership?

The connection between golf and dog ownership stems from the shared qualities of relaxation, companionship, and a love for the outdoors. Golf is often regarded as a leisurely and social activity that allows individuals to unwind and enjoy nature’s beauty. Similarly, owning a dog provides companionship, promotes an active lifestyle, and encourages spending time outdoors.


Dogs are known for their loyalty and unconditional love, providing a constant source of companionship. Similarly, golfers often seek companionship on the golf course, either through playing with friends or even bringing their four-legged friends along for a round of golf.

Outdoor Recreation: 

Golf is typically played in serene and picturesque settings, allowing players to appreciate nature’s tranquility. Similarly, dogs thrive in outdoor environments, and taking them for walks, runs, or even on the golf course can be an enjoyable way to incorporate their love for exploration and physical activity.

Relaxation and Stress Relief: 

Both golf and owning a dog can offer stress relief and relaxation. Golf provides an opportunity to escape the pressures of daily life, while spending time with a dog can help reduce anxiety and promote a sense of calm. Combining these two activities can enhance the overall experience of relaxation and well-being.


Golfers often form connections and build relationships with fellow golf enthusiasts, sharing a common interest and love for the sport. Similarly, dog owners frequently bond with other dog lovers, whether it’s during walks in the park, visits to dog-friendly locations, or participating in dog-related events. The shared passion for golf and the love for dogs can create opportunities for socialization and community building.

Unconditional Love: 

Dogs are renowned for their unwavering loyalty and affection toward their owners. Golfers, too, can experience a deep sense of love and attachment to the sport. Combining the love for golf with the love for a dog can create a unique bond that enhances the enjoyment and fulfillment derived from both pursuits.

Best Golf Dog Names

1. Birdie 11. Nancy (Lopez) 21. Links 31. Duffer 41. Parsnip
2. Bogey-Bark 12. Annika (Sörenstam) 22. Pebble 32. Pinnacle 42. Par
3. Caddy 13. Bunker 23. Green 33. Pargolf 43. Mulligan
4. Mulligan 14. Links 24. Mulligan 34. Divot 44. Mulligan
5. Eagle 15. Pebble 25. St. Andrews 35. Caddie 45. Slice
6. Divot 16. Green 26. Duffer 36. Fairway 46. Birdie
7. Bogey 17. Mulligan 27. Bunker 37. Slice 47. Golfie
8. Chipper 18. Mulligan 28. Bogey 38. Birdie 48. Paws and Par
9. Putter 19. St. Andrews 29. Dimples 39. Golfie 49. Bunker
10. Par 20. Duffer 30. Mulligan 40. Bogey 50. Bogey

Cool Golf Dog Names

  1. Maverick
  2. Ryder
  3. Phoenix
  4. Arrow
  5. Blitz
  6. Diesel
  7. Jet
  8. Rebel
  9. Titan
  10. Viper
  11. Zephyr
  12. Ace
  13. Bandit
  14. Blaze
  15. Bolt
  16. Captain
  17. Dash
  18. Flash
  19. Jagger
  20. Jett
  21. Knox
  22. Maxx
  23. Onyx
  24. Rio
  25. Rocco
  26. Roxy
  27. Saber
  28. Shadow
  29. Tango
  30. Willow
  31. Zeus
  32. Blade
  33. Bullet
  34. Cobra
  35. Echo
  36. Gator
  37. Jinx
  38. Karma
  39. Nova
  40. Rocket
  41. Spike
  42. Storm
  43. Trigger
  44. Turbo
  45. Vortex
  46. Zenith
  47. Birdie-Bop
  48. Blaze
  49. Chase
  50. Diesel

Clever Golf Dog Names

  1. Parkey
  2. Bogie
  3. Bunker
  4. Mullie
  5. Tee-ny
  6. Fairway
  7. Pawsy
  8. Birdie-Bot
  9. Chipper
  10. Putt-Putt
  11. Mulliganeer
  12. Divot
  13. Slice
  14. Putter Pup
  15. Acey
  16. Caddie
  17. Hazard
  18. Forester
  19. Iron Tail
  20. Alba-Paws
  21. Bogey-Bear
  22. Birdie-Bark
  23. Pup Woods
  24. Nicklause
  25. Pawlmer
  26. Links
  27. Bunkie
  28. Par-Bear
  29. Driver Doggo
  30. Greenie
  31. Hole-in-One
  32. Sandie
  33. Dogie Dimples
  34. Parsnip
  35. Mulli-Paws
  36. Dogleg
  37. Puttmaster
  38. Fair-Paw
  39. Shankster
  40. Caddie Canine
  41. Iron Hound
  42. Eagle-Eye
  43. Ruff Wedge
  44. Pawsome Putter
  45. Bogey-Bop
  46. Paw-draig Harrington
  47. Dogie Draw
  48. Pawfessional Putter
  49. Roughie
  50. Cupmaster

Catchy Golf Dog Names

  1. Bogey
  2. Mullie-Bark
  3. Chip
  4. Birdie
  5. Putter
  6. Mulligan
  7. Slice
  8. Eagle
  9. Divot
  10. Caddy
  11. Fairway
  12. Par
  13. Bunker
  14. Driver
  15. Tee
  16. Fore
  17. Hazard
  18. Links
  19. Iron
  20. Greenie
  21. Caddie
  22. Albatross
  23. Bogey-Bear
  24. Mulli-Paws
  25. Tee-Rex
  26. Paw-er
  27. Pawsome Putter
  28. Hole-in-Fun
  29. Bunker Buster
  30. Par-fection
  31. Waggle Wagger
  32. Birdie Buddy
  33. Putt-Paw
  34. Pup-Parazzi
  35. Drive-It Dog
  36. Pawfect Pitch
  37. Fairway Fido
  38. Caddy Canine
  39. Rough Rider
  40. Bogey-Bop
  41. Divot Dasher
  42. Iron Hound
  43. Chipper Chaser
  44. Swingtail
  45. Tee-Time Terrier
  46. Pawsitive Putter
  47. Barkie Birdie
  48. Ace of Pups
  49. Hazard Hound
  50. Paw-Dini (like Houdini)

Final Word

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or simply appreciate the sport’s charm, choosing a golf-inspired name for your canine companion adds a touch of uniqueness and personalization to their identity. From clever wordplay to cool and catchy monikers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect golf dog name. Remember to consider your dog’s personality, physical attributes, and your own preferences when making your selection. With a fitting and memorable name, your furry friend will not only be a loyal companion but also a delightful tribute to your love for golf. Embrace the joy of the game and the love for your four-legged companion as you embark on this exciting naming journey.

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