How To Cover A Mirror In Your Bedroom

How To Cover A Mirror In Your Bedroom

Do you ever find yourself looking at your reflection in the mirror and wishing that someone would just come along and fix it? It’s not often that you get to look at something for the first time and say, “Wow. That’s me. What a cool surprise!” But sometimes, all it takes is one look to see exactly how someone else comes across, as if by magic. If you have guests over, they may notice your kitchen window is open a crack or maybe they noticed when you had the party up in your bedroom. If you’ve got mirrors around your bedroom, they can be particularly awkward places to be because of how much they reflect. Covering them with curtains can help keep the unwanted spotlight off yourself and also gives some privacy if you need it. However, this article isn’t about retreating behind closed doors; it’s about how to cover a mirror in your bedroom so that you actually get a good look at yourself!

How To Cover A Mirror In Your Bedroom

Hang curtains

This is the easiest way to cover a mirror in your bedroom. You can always go for sheer curtains if you don’t want anyone to walk in and see you getting dressed, or if you have a particularly small room where the mirror is right next to the door. If you don’t want anyone to see your full reflection, but just want some privacy, then try hanging thick curtains on either side of the mirror. This will help keep everyone out while still letting you get a good look at yourself before going out somewhere special.

Buy a large picture frame

If you have a mirror in your bedroom, then you probably have the space for one of those large-framed paintings that can be found at any discount store. A large frame will cover the entire mirror, and you can even hang something interesting inside — like a picture of your family or some vacation photos — to make it look less like an eyesore and more like part of your decorating plan.

Hang up a poster

What if you don’t have room for anything else? Try hanging up some posters instead! You can find plenty of decorative posters online or at local art stores, and they’ll fit right in with whatever else is on the wall anyway. Just make sure that you don’t put them up too high or too low, or they won’t do much good at covering your mirror after all!

Buy a large piece of art

You can also use a large, one-of-a-kind piece of art to cover your mirror in your bedroom. Look for something with interesting lines or shapes that will draw the eye away from the mirror and onto the art instead. You may even be able to find a piece of art that matches the rest of your decor, making it look like it was meant to be there all along!

Use a big piece of fabric

If you’re an avid DIYer or if you just like working with fabric, try using some heavy cloth to cover your mirror in your bedroom. You can make this as simple or as complicated as you won’t — just buy a large piece of cloth and use some hot glue at the edges to keep everything in place. Then hang up something else on another wall (or on top) so that it covers up any empty space from where you took down the mirror and voila! You have yourself an instant decoration!

What You Need To Know About Covering Mirrors

Buy an inexpensive piece of art

If you’re going to cover your mirror with a piece of art, it’s important to do it right! You don’t want to cover up your mirror and make it look like a cheap piece of art that no one would ever pay good money for. So before you start shopping, sit down and think about what kind of art you really like and what kind of style you want to go with.

Buy a large frame

As mentioned above, the best way to cover mirrors is with something large and decorative — preferably something that will also fit into your decorating scheme as a whole. It doesn’t matter if it’s too big or too small; all that matters is how much space it takes up in the room where you’re putting it!

Hang up some fabric or wallpaper on the wall above your bed

This will give you an extra bit of privacy while still letting anyone who looks in the know that the mirror is there — but not enough for them to be able to see anything else through the fabric or wallpaper either! This is especially helpful if your mirror is located on an upper wall in your bedroom, so people don’t have as much time looking at you while they’re sleeping (or if they’re in a bad mood!). This also works well if there’s not much space between where your bed is and where the rest of the room starts — just make sure not to hang anything too low, or else you’ll block the light from your bedside lamp!

Hang some picture frames up in the room

Another idea is to use picture frames or anything else that will cover up your mirror and still allow light to shine through it — such as a piece of art or a large mirror. This will give you more privacy without blocking out any natural light!

Cover the mirror with fabric and hang artwork on top of the fabric

The final way to cover mirrors is by using fabric, art, wallpaper, and even heavy curtains! Just make sure you don’t go too far with it — unless you’re willing to sacrifice your privacy completely, of course!

How To Remove A Mirror From The Wall

If you can see the wall behind your mirror, then it’s probably best to just leave it

If you can see the wall behind your mirror, then there’s no point in removing your mirror from the wall. The reason for this is that mirrors are not very sturdy; they’re designed to be hung on a wall and not used in a room as furniture! So if you’re going to remove a mirror from the wall, you’re going to want to replace it with something else that’s more sturdy and will hold up better over time!

Select a new piece of art

If you can’t find another piece of art in the same style or color as your old one, then consider replacing it with something else! You don’t need an expensive piece — all that matters is that it fits well into your decorating scheme and looks good too! Consider using a large framed piece of art instead of a small framed one; this will give you more privacy while still giving anyone who looks through the frame or curtain enough information about what’s on display without seeing anything else — just like hanging fabric over your mirror!

Cover up all visible surfaces with fabric and hang artwork on top

If all else fails, try covering up all of your visible surfaces with fabric or wallpaper (and possibly hang artwork on top). This will give you enough privacy while still allowing light through in some places but also blocking off the rest of your room!

Cover up the mirror and hang artwork on top

If you do decide to cover up your mirror, remember that you want to hang it on a wall where the light will shine through the fabric easily — so keep an eye out for places where light can shine through! You don’t want to block any light from coming through, but you also don’t want your mirror blocking light from shining in!

Replace your mirror with something more sturdy and aesthetically pleasing

If none of these options work for you, then it’s time to replace your old mirror with something that’s more sturdy and aesthetically pleasing! You can either try looking for a new wall mount mirror or find a new piece of art that fits perfectly into place in front of your old one — just make sure you get something that fits well and looks good as well!


Not only do mirrors reflect light well, but they also have powerful “pre-focused” reflections that can help you see more of yourself. Because of this, it’s best to keep the mirrors in your bedroom covered so that you can see yourself in all your glory! If you’ve got a small child who likes to peek into their room and you don’t want them to see you like this, try to shield the mirror with some curtains or a blackout curtain. Not only will it keep the light out, but it will also give you some privacy if you need it.

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