How To Get A Cat Out From Under The Bed?

How To Get A Cat Out From Under The Bed

Are you afraid of monsters under the bed? How about a cat? Are you afraid that your cat may get stuck there and can’t come back out? I know it sounds ridiculous, but as it turns out, this is one of the most common fears among cat owners. This fear becomes even more real when we have a small bed with low clearance like in many old houses with smaller bedrooms and attic guest rooms. So how can we get our cat out from under the bed? Let’s find out!

How To Get A Cat Out From Under The Bed?

Speak to your cat in a soft voice

Your cat may be scared or feeling sick, so the last thing you want to do is scare your kitty even more by getting loud or confrontational. Speak softly to your kitty in a reassuring voice and explain that you just want to help him. If your cat is hiding because he’s not feeling well, bringing him a warm plate of food might help him feel better. If you’re not sure why your cat is hiding, this can be a good first step to discovering the root of the problem. If your cat isn’t feeling well and you try to handle him, he might lash out and scratch you. That’s why being soft-spoken is important for both of your sakes.

Open the windows

Cats are natural climbers, and if you can open the windows and let him climb out of the house and away from the bed, he’ll probably do it! Depending on where your window is, you may be able to open it wide enough for your cat to climb up on the ledge. If possible, once your cat is safely out on the ledge, close the window so that he doesn’t get lost or fall off the roof. If your windows don’t open wide enough for your cat to escape, or your kitty isn’t interested in climbing out of the house, you can instead open the door to let him out of the room.

Shake a can of dry rice

Some people swear by this method. If you have a can of dry rice nearby, give it a good shake near the bed. The sound of the rice inside the can should scare your cat away from the bed, and he may even leave the room! This method is known to work well on skittish cats, but it may not work on more confident felines. Note that shaking the can of dry rice can be annoying to human ears, so it might be best to try this method when you don’t expect any guests. If the sound of the rice doesn’t scare your cat away from the bed, try pouring a bit of it on the bed near your kitty.

Use a flashlight and spray bottle

This method is most effective when your cat is curled up in a tight ball. Shine a flashlight on your cat and start spraying him with water from a water bottle. Cats don’t like being surprised by anything, so this method may scare them from the bed and out from under the couches. This method is best used when your cat is in a tight ball. If your kitty is scrunched in a ball with his ears back, it’s likely because he’s scared, so this method may be helpful to get him out from under the bed.

Try using a cat-friendly scent

Some cats are so sensitive to their surroundings that they react negatively to their human family members’ scents. If your cat is hiding under the bed because the scent of your feet is too close to the bed, try spraying a scent that your kitty is less sensitive to. You can find cat-friendly sprays in a variety of scents at most pet stores, or you can mix up your own scent by mixing water, essential oils, and a bit of baking soda. A spray of cat-friendly scent, like eucalyptus, may be enough to get your kitty out from under the bed. If not, you can also try moving one of your kitty’s scratching posts under the bed to give him a safe place to go.

Why Do Cats Like To Hide Under The Bed?

To stalk their prey

Cats are predatory animals that rely on stealth and cunning to capture their prey. Once a cat has selected the right spot to hide, it will wait patiently for its prey to appear, before pouncing and making the kill. As cats grow older, they may have a hard time seeing their prey due to the loss of their vision. This is when they will likely switch their hunting tactics over to sound. Cats have an incredible sense of hearing that is far superior to ours. They can easily detect the slightest rustle in long grass or under the bed. This is one of the main reasons why cats like to hide under the bed – to stalk their prey and make the kill.

To feel safe

Cats are territorial animals that feel most comfortable in their own familiar territory. Hiding under the bed is a natural instinct that cats have developed over the years. This hiding spot is ideal as it provides them with a safe, secure location that they can retreat to at any time. Cats use this space to ‘hide’ from loud noises, unexpected visitors, and other external threats that may cause them distress. This makes the bed an ideal hiding spot for cats, as it offers them privacy, safety, and protection from all the above.

Because it’s comfortable and warm

Cats are incredibly clean, self-grooming animals that spend a lot of their day cleaning themselves. As soon as cats have finished grooming themselves, they will naturally be drawn toward the warm and comfortable material that the bed is made from. Many cats will curl up in a small ball and snuggle into the soft, warm material of the bed. Once cats have made themselves comfortable, don’t expect them to leave the bed any time soon. This is the reason why you will often find fur on your bed sheets, as cats love to groom themselves in the comfort of their hiding place. The bed is a warm, safe and secure location where cats will feel relaxed, safe, and at home – making it an ideal place to hide.

They love the thrill of the hunt

Cats are curious creatures that love to explore their surroundings. Cats spend a large portion of their day exploring, climbing, jumping, and testing their limits. This is why they are often seen hanging out near the edge of the bed – they are testing the waters and seeing what they can get away with. When a cat has chosen a good hiding spot and is sure that the coast is clear, it will happily rest there until they get bored and decide to move on to its next adventure. Hiding under the bed is a perfect way to spend the day indulging in their curiosity and hunting instincts.

It’s an easy escape route

If a cat has been sleeping in the bedroom and someone enters the room, they have to have an easy escape route to avoid being seen. This often means the cat will have to make a quick getaway out of the window or door. Why not use the bed to your advantage? Cats are often drawn toward the bed due to the feeling of security and comfort it provides. This makes it the perfect hiding spot for a cat – especially if they are trying to avoid detection. Why not let your cat indulge in the comfort of the bed while also being able to escape if they feel threatened?

Tips That May Help To Get A Cat Out From Under The Bed?

  • If you think your cat is stuck under the bed, try to lure them out. You can do this by moving the bed a little bit. If your cat is stuck under the bed, he or she may be afraid to come out. By moving the bed, you are making them less afraid and more likely to come out.
  •  If you can see your cat under the bed but can’t get them out, there may be one or two simple things you can try. You can try to lure your cat out from under the bed with a treat. You can also try to trap them by putting a blanket or pillow under the bed to get them out.
  •  If you can’t lure your cat out from under the bed and can’t trap them, there are still a few things you can try. You can try to talk to your cat while they are under the bed and reassure them that they are safe. You can tell them that they will be safe once they come out. You can also try to lure your cat out with a toy. The toy will hopefully get your cat curious enough to come out.


When you think about it, going under the bed is a pretty silly thing for a cat to do. It’s dark, quiet, and doesn’t even have good airflow. So why do cats do it? Because it’s a safe place where they can hide and feel protected. Whether they are hiding from a scary noise or just taking a nap, you can be sure that your cat is perfectly content under the bed. The most important thing to remember is not to force your cat to come out from under the bed.

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