How To Light Cone Incense

How To Light Cone Incense

Incense cones are a type of incense that is shaped like a cone. You light the small end and the cone fills with fragrance as it burns down. They’re pretty and can be very fragrant. Lighting cone incense, however, can be a bit tricky at first. Here, you will learn 

How To Light A Cone Incense?

Step 1: Find a flat surface

The first thing you’ll want to do is find a flat surface where you can safely light the incense. We recommend using a plate or something similar. If you don’t have anything like that, you can even use a piece of newspaper to make sure the cone doesn’t roll away from the flame and onto your carpet or furniture.

Step 2: Light the tip of the incense

Take the incense and light the tip of it in the flame of a lighter or match. Allow the flame to travel down the length of the incense, being careful not to let the tip get too close to the flame.

Step 3: Blow out the flame

Once the flame has reached the end of the cone, blow the flame out. Be careful not to let the flame get too close to the incense itself. This can cause it to burn too quickly and ruin the scents you’re trying to enjoy!

Step 4: Sprinkle on some scented sand (optional)

If you have scented sand, this is a great time to sprinkle it on top of the incense as it burns. This will help the scent disperse much more quickly and evenly throughout your room.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Finally, just sit back and enjoy the scent of your incense as it burns. Depending on the type of incense you’re using, you may want to keep the burner going for 15-45 minutes. You can also add a couple more cones to the same burner as the first one burns down.

Tips For Lighting Cones Properly

There are a few tips that you can follow to make sure that you are lighting your incense cones properly.

  •  First, make sure that the surface you’re lighting the cone on is stable, and that the cone is in a position that won’t cause it to tip over and spill.
  •  You also want to be careful not to let the incense touch any flammable surfaces. 
  • Finally, try lighting the cone in a well-ventilated area. The incense can cause some smoke and other burning smells, so it’s a good idea to light it in a place where the smoke can clear out easily.

How Do Light Multiple Incense Cones At Once?

Use a Longer Incense Holder

A longer incense holder will allow you to light multiple incense cones at once. When you light the incense in a long holder, all the incense cones will light up at once. Make sure the holder is long enough to accommodate the length of the incense cones you are using. If you don’t have a long enough incense holder, or you don’t have one at all, here are a few other ways to light multiple incense cones at once.

Light One End of the Cones, Hold it Steady and Light the Other End

If you can find an incense cone long enough (like the ones you find in temples), light the end that has the charcoal in it first. This end will produce smoke, which will travel to the other end, where you’ll find the incense. The smoke will help light the incense. Hold it steady until both ends of the cone are lit. This method is ideal if you only need to light two incense cones at once. You can also use this method to light multiple incense cones that are shorter, but you’ll need to carefully place the incense cones in the same direction to ensure both ends are lit at once.

Use a Candle lighter or a Lighter

This may seem like an unorthodox method, but it can work if you don’t have any other tools available. Hold the end of the incense near the flame of a candle lighter or a lighter and the incense will ignite. This isn’t ideal, since the flame will burn the incense, but it’ll get the job done. This is best for lighting one incense cone at once. This may be the best method for you if you don’t have any other tools.

Use Dried Leaf Incense

Dried leaf incense is easy to light and produces a large amount of smoke. It’s ideal for lighting multiple incense cones at once. Place one leaf or two in the bottom of the incense cone, break the leaf up so it’s in smaller pieces, and add fuel to the incense. Light the incense and it will burn slowly, providing a large amount of smoke. The dried leaf will also burn slowly so it should last as long as the incense cone. This is ideal for lighting multiple incense cones at once.

Blow Out the Flames and Re-Light Using the Same Match

This isn’t ideal, but if you don’t have any other tools and you need to light multiple incense cones at once, it will work. Blow out the flame on the match, but don’t let it go out. Let the match continue to burn for a few seconds, and then light the incense. This is best for lighting one incense cone at once.

How To Light The Rest Of The Incense Cone?

  • If you’re burning cone incense with a wooden stick, like sandalwood, agarwood, or other woods, then the middle of the incense will be the part that burns. 
  • If you want to light the rest of the incense, you can use the same methods that you would if lighting the top of the cone. 
  • Once the top of the incense is burning, it will light the rest of the incense, as well, and you’ll be able to enjoy its fragrance.

Wrapping Up

Cone incense is a great way to fragrance a room, and it can be a fun and decorative way to enjoy scents. If you’ve never used cone incense before, you may be a little confused about how to light it. Don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to light a cone incense, and you can find the one that works best for you. Once you’ve got the hang of it, though, you’ll be able to enjoy the scent of cone incense to the fullest extent.


  • What is the best way to light my cone?

There are many ways of lighting an incense cone – some people use matchsticks or lighters while others prefer to use specialized tools such as a “chopstick”. We recommend using either matches or a lighter. 

  • Why do I have to bend down to light my incense cone? 

A. Lighting incense from your seat or from your hand will most likely result in burning yourself, or worse, setting fire to something nearby! When lighting incense, always make sure you are seated or standing on a stable surface.

  • How do I light Cone Incense?

You may utilize a fireplace lighter or a matchstick to ignite cone incense. Hold the cone incense upright and light it from the base. After that, tilt it upside down and position it on a heat-resistant surface such as a ceramic plate. Then gently tap the bottom of the incense so that the ashes slide off.

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