How To Make Oreo Mug Cake

How To Make Oreo Mug Cake

‍There are many ways to enjoy the great taste of Oreo without all the calories. One delicious way is through homemade mug cakes. These small, cozy cakes are easy and quick to make and require only a few ingredients. You can easily make your own Oreo mug cake using just a few simple ingredients and a microwave. The hardest part is picking which flavor you want to make first! This simple recipe for an Oreo mug cake will leave you feeling like you’re cheating on your diet but in reality, it’s just healthier than regular chocolate cake. Here’s how to make the best Oreo mug cake that won’t break your calorie bank!

How To Make Oreo Mug Cake

Step 1: Measure Out Your Ingredients

Before you start, make sure you have all of your ingredients measured out. This will ensure that you have everything you need and nothing extra. It will also make the rest of the process go a lot more smoothly. You’ll need: 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour 100 grams of granulated white sugar 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 large egg, room temperature 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/3 cup of milk 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted A few drops of blue food coloring 3 Oreo cookies 1/2 tablespoon of water A pinch of sugar

Step 2: Add The Flour, Sugar, And Eggs

Add your flour, sugar, and eggs to a large bowl. Whisk together until there are no lumps in the batter. Make sure all of the ingredients are fully combined, and there are no chunks of flour left in the mixture.

Step 3: Mix In The Batter Together

Add the melted butter, water, and vanilla extract to the bowl with the batter. Mix everything together until it is fully combined. If there are still a few lumps of flour, then give the batter a quick whisk.

Step 4: Add in the Chocolate Chips and Oreos

You can now add the chocolate chips and Oreos to the batter. Make sure they are evenly distributed, so you have a little of both in each bite. You can now pour the mixture into two paper cups. Be sure to grease the paper cups with a bit of butter or non-stick spray to prevent the cake from sticking. If you don’t have paper cups, then you can use two coffee mugs instead.

Step 5: Bake and Enjoy!

Pop the mugs into the oven for about 12 minutes at 350 degrees F. You can check the cake for doneness with a toothpick or a fork. If the fork comes out clean, then your Oreo mug cake is done. You can serve the cake hot and enjoy it!

What You’ll Need To Make An Oreo Mug Cake? 

For the basic Oreo Mug Cake recipe, you’ll need: 

  • One large spoon 
  • For mixing and measuring 
  • One small bowl 
  • For mixing your cake’s ingredients 
  • One large mug 
  •  For mixing your cake’s batter
  •  One microwave 
  • For baking your cake!
  •  One box of your favorite flavor of cake mix 
  • You can use chocolate, vanilla, or any flavor you want! – 
  • One (14.5 ounces) can of fat-free sweetened condensed milk 
  • This is the secret ingredient that makes your cake extra-rich and moist. 
  • One (10-ounce) bag of mini Oreo cookies 
  • You can use regular-size Oreos, but mini Oreos are perfect for this recipe! 
  •  One small container of low-fat whipped topping 
  •  At the very least, it should be nonfat.

Why You Should Make an Oreo Mug Cake? 

It’s a Dessert You Can Make in Just 5 Minutes

The most obvious reason why you should make an Oreo mug cake is that it’s incredibly quick to do so. If you’re hanging out with friends, it’s nice to be able to offer them a treat that you made yourself. And while you can certainly buy cookies or some other treats, making an Oreo mug cake shows that you care about your friends. Mug cakes are amazing because they take just a minute or two to cook in the microwave. That means you can have this delicious treat in almost no time at all. In addition, mug cakes are super easy to make. You don’t have to be a professional chef or even have much cooking experience to make an Oreo mug cake. Most mug cake recipes are very straightforward, and you can find them just about anywhere. Mug cakes also don’t require many ingredients, so there’s a good chance that you have everything you need to make an Oreo mug cake in your kitchen already.

It Tastes Incredible

Another reason why you should make an Oreo mug cake is that it tastes incredible. Whenever you try an Oreo cake, you’re tasting a combination of creamy filling and delicious chocolate cookies. This is a flavor pairing that few desserts can match, so when you make an Oreo mug cake, you’re in for a real treat. Whenever you make an Oreo mug cake, you can adjust the amount of filling and cookies to your liking. Some people like a lot of filling and very few cookies, while others enjoy a lot of cookies and just a little filling. No matter what your preference is, you can easily adjust the amount of filling and cookies in your mug cake to suit your taste.

It Has Incredibly Few Calories

Another reason why you should make an Oreo mug cake is that it has incredibly few calories. While Oreo cookies are delicious, they are also packed with calories. In fact, one typical Oreo cookie has around 160 calories. That’s a lot of calories for one cookie! An Oreo mug cake, however, has far fewer calories. This is because the mug cake only has one or two cookies, whereas a typical Oreo cookie has about eight. The rest of the ingredients in an Oreo mug cake are also much lower in calories than in a regular Oreo cookie.

Variations on a basic Oreo Mug Cake

There are endless ways to vary a basic Oreo Mug Cake and make it even better! If you’re looking to make a more decadent cake, you can add more mini chocolate chips or even a handful of peanut butter chips. 

  1. If you want to make a fruity cake, you can add a handful of dried cranberries or blueberries.
  2.  If you’re craving something savory, a small dash of cinnamon and nutmeg or a teaspoon of garlic powder will do the trick.
  3.  If you want to add a little bit of texture to your cake, a handful of chopped walnuts or almonds will make it even tastier!

Pros of Making Oreo Mug Cake

  • There are so many great pros to making this delicious dessert! First, you can make it in any size mug you want. This means that if you want a small portion or a large one, you can make it however you like! 
  • Another pro is that you can make this dessert in so many different ways! Just like you can put in any size mug, you can put any ingredients you want in it as well. You can add anything from chocolate chips to M&Ms, or even put in some yummy fruits! 
  • Another pro is that you can make this dessert so quickly! This is perfect for a quick breakfast or even a quick pick-me-up snack. And last but not least, this dessert is super affordable to make. It’s easy to make and uses ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen.

Cons of Making Oreo Mug Cake

  • There are a few cons to making this delicious dessert. First, it’s only one serving. If you want to share with a friend, you either have to make two or hope that your friend doesn’t mind eating out of a coffee mug! 
  • Another con is that you have to eat it quickly once it’s made. This isn’t a dessert that you can make the day before and keep in the fridge. It will become soggy and not taste nearly as good. 
  • Another con is that if you don’t add whipped cream, it’s not nearly as creamy as some other desserts. It’s a simple, easy dessert, but it’s not quite as decadent and rich as some other desserts.


The next time you’re craving something chocolatey and sweet, try making an Oreo mug cake! This sweet treat is quick and easy to make, and it’s much healthier than regular chocolate cake. There are endless variations you can make with this recipe, so the next time you’re craving chocolate, there’s no reason to deny yourself. There are so many variations on this mug cake that you can do whatever you want with it. If you have a favorite flavor of Oreos, use them. You can also add nuts, dried fruit, or whatever else you want to add. So, if you’re craving something chocolatey and sweet, try making an Oreo mug cake. 

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