Is Delta Comfort Plus Worth It?

Is Delta Comfort Plus Worth It

Getting from one place to another can often be the most stressful part of any journey. Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure or simply to see friends or family, spending hours in a confined space with limited amenities is never fun. However, things become even more challenging when you have to travel frequently for work or are often on extended road trips. When it comes to airline travel, there are several different options available. In general, smaller budget airlines tend to offer cheaper flights but often have fewer amenities and less space than larger airlines such as Delta or United Airlines. That’s why we’re going to take a look at whether or not the Delta Comfort+ upgrade is worth it and how much it costs so that you can make the right decision for your personal needs.

Is Delta Comfort Plus Worth It?

The Delta Comfort Plus seat is worth it if you want to be more comfortable on your flight. The extra legroom and footrests are a welcome addition and make a trip more enjoyable. The downside is that the seats are only available in select rows, so you have to book early in order to get one. But it’s worth it if you can get one.

How Much Does A Delta Comfort+ Upgrade Cost?

  • The cost of a Delta Comfort+ upgrade varies depending on your flight and your class of ticket. The more expensive your ticket, the more the upgrade will cost. The chart below shows the current rates for Delta Comfort+ upgrades: 
  • First-class passengers can upgrade to Comfort+ for $50 more. 
  • Business-class passengers can upgrade to Comfort+ for $50-300 more. – Economy passengers can upgrade to Comfort+ for $50-200 more.
  •  Economy passengers who are also sitting with children can upgrade to Comfort+ for $50-100 more.

Why Is Delta Comfort Plus Worth It?

1. Extended Flights Over 3 Hours

One of the most important reasons to consider booking a Comfort Plus seat is if you will be on an extended flight of over 3 hours. The extra comfort these seats provide is mainly due to their greater recline angle, an extra 2 to 4 inches compared to standard Economy Class seats. When sitting in an upright position, your circulatory system can deliver blood and nutrients just as well as when you are laying down. But when you recline, the position of your internal organs changes and blood flow to the lower parts of your body is reduced. That’s why, on long flights where you will be reclined for the majority of the trip, you will want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

2. More Leg Room And Wider Seats With Greater Recline Angles

Another benefit of booking Delta Comfort Plus seats is that they provide a bit more legroom than standard Economy Class seats. The extra space means you can stretch out and relax more thoroughly during your trip. This added space can be especially beneficial for people who are tall or who require extra space for their legs during the flight. For shorter passengers, the increased legroom will give them a bit more room to stretch their legs out and relax. In addition to the extra legroom, you will also get a wider seat with a greater recline angle. This means you can lie back and rest more comfortably during the long flight.

3. Premium Blanket, Pillow, And Pre-Departure Beverage

When you book a Delta Comfort Plus seat, you will also receive a premium blanket, pillow, and pre-departure beverage. The blanket is quite soft and cozy and even has a cute design! You’ll definitely want to pack it with you on the plane to keep you warm on longer flights. The pillow is designed to contour to the shape of your head and neck to provide the maximum amount of support. The premium beverage is available on most international flights, where you can choose from a variety of options including non-alcoholic beverages. You can also choose from a selection of snack items, including pretzels, chips, cookies, and more.

4. Dedicated Storage Area For Your Baggage

Another important benefit of booking Delta Comfort Plus seats is that you will get a dedicated storage area for your baggage. This means your bag will be stored separately from all the other passengers’ bags and is a great way to keep your things safe. Because your bag will be stored separately, you will be able to access it quickly and easily when you arrive at your destination. This is especially important if you are traveling with a lot of bags or fragile items that need to be stored in the overhead compartment.

5. Delta Comfort Plus Food Options

The Delta Comfort Plus seats also come with the added benefit of better food options. When booking this seat, you will receive one free meal on long international flights and two free meals on long domestic flights. This is a helpful perk if you are hungry during the flight and don’t want to pay extra for a snack or meal. If you do want to purchase something from the snack menu, you will receive a discount on select items, including beer and wine. This is a nice touch that most Economy Class passengers don’t receive. You will also be served first and have the opportunity to select your meal first, giving you the chance to choose the best options available.

Should You Buy The Delta Comfort+ Ticket?

  • The challenge with any upgrade is trying to decide if it’s worth the money. Comfort+ seats come with added benefits, but they also come with an added cost. In general, the only way to really decide if the upgrade is worth it is to consider all of your options. 
  • First, you should decide if you’re willing to pay the extra cost for the upgrade. Don’t make the decision based solely on cost, but also on your travel needs and personal preferences. 
  • If you travel with a child or companion, or you just want the extra benefits, the decision is much easier. If you don’t have any specific needs, you should reconsider your decision.

Pros Of Delta Comfort Plus Seat

  1.  More legroom – As already mentioned, these seats feature a longer pitch than standard economy seats. This extra room can be a lifesaver when you’re flying long-haul. You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed when disembarking the plane. 
  2.  Priority boarding – Another benefit of having a longer seat is that you’ll be among the first passengers to board the plane. This is especially important if you have heavy luggage. You can let the other passengers pass you by while you enjoy the extra room in your seat. 
  3. Better meal service – Economy passengers who buy a regular meal service are served after Business and First class passengers have been served. If you have a Comfort Plus ticket, you’ll be served before the others.
  4.  More recline – The recline function on the Delta Comfort Plus seats can go all the way back, making them practically lie flat. You’ll have a perfect view of the in-flight entertainment system or simply enjoy some extra rest.

Cons Of Delta Comfort Plus Seat

  • Higher price – Delta Comfort Plus seats cost more than even the First class seats. This makes them a questionable investment for frequent flyers, as you’ll have to spend a significant amount of money for extra comfort. 
  • Limited availability- These are the most coveted seats on the plane, and only a small percentage of passengers get to enjoy them. If you’re traveling on a busy flight, you might not be able to get one, even if you’ve paid extra for it. 
  • Limited changes – If you have an Economy Comfort Plus ticket, you can change your flight as long as the new flight is within the same week. But if you want to upgrade to a different seat, you’ll need an upgrade voucher. 
  • No priority baggage – Delta Comfort Plus passengers are not given priority when traveling with checked bags. This is not a big deal if you’re a light traveler, but if you’re bringing a lot of stuff with you, this can be an issue.

Final Words

The Delta Comfort+ upgrade is definitely worth it for the right passengers. If you travel with a child, you need extra space for a second seat. If you’re tall, you need the extra legroom. If you’re traveling with a companion, you get to have some extra privacy. Ultimately, the only way to know if it’s worth it is to make the decision based on your needs, as well as the cost of the upgrade.

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