Is It Illegal To Make Small Talk In An Elevator?

Is It Illegal To Make Small Talk In An Elevator

In case you hadn’t noticed, buildings tend to be rather tall. This makes getting from one floor to another extremely uncomfortable if you don’t want to make small talk with the people around you (or perhaps anyone, depending on your personal preference). The elevator is a necessary evil in buildings of this height. It’s that awkward space where it feels like something is missing, but you have no choice but to continue up or down one more floor. What do we do when trapped between floors with strangers? Make small talk, but there are plenty of places where making small talk isn’t encouraged. We can never be quite sure whether it’s permitted or not! We explore some strange and quirky rules about making small talk in an elevator and other similar spaces.

Is It Illegal To Make Small Talk In An Elevator?

No, it is legal to make small talk in an elevator. However, it is illegal to make sexual advances, ask personal questions, or engage in conversation that is unwanted by the other person. Many hotels have rules against making elevator talk with strangers, although rules and regulations on elevators vary slightly between cities.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Making Small Talk In An Elevator

  1. Avoid confrontation. Rather than arguing with someone about phone usage, you might be better off without one entirely! When the phones work in Central America, people there sit on their rides to avoid having to make small talk.
  2. Encouraging a colleague in administrative or clerical staff? Elevator talk can help you establish that you’re on the same wavelength with your coworker. This can even be helpful when talking to people who don’t know your name and are making small talk based on looks or facial expressions. Show that you’ve got things semi-routinely under control and aren’t psychotic!
  3. Getting what you want out of a ride entirely too short for more than one concise line when standing quarantined next to a heavy smoker at work (hint: would that open office be more private?). “Do I smell? Is it probably old since I’m almost out? How often do they take those up, and why do they leave quickly after dropping them off? If it were solid gold, I would have asked for trouble…but I don’t think it is [trying hard not to yell]” This is also good practice for passing large groups of protesters in countries where large groups of protesters typically terrorize hundreds as well as passing moms at shopping hubs at four am wherever the hell time zone and road direction happen to fall like a drill team forming during this genuinely awful song.
  4. Showing up your friend and colleague. Whenever my husband gets stuck in an elevator with someone he does not know, he gets asked whether he’s okay and has been reduced to eye-rolling petulance as bizarro-personal kimono drama begins – amusing only before the third-floor arrival. Making small talk is always essential but usually accomplished in other perimeters entirely (general social gathering, third head of beef at the family table) while waiting for the desired item – like any estate sale item – to be located in hiding today; perhaps?
  5. It can serve as clever foreshadowing tossed at an embarrassing friend or romantic partner. Have you ever tagged along on a friendship where nothing was said during the first two or three weeks that followed your signoff or meeting chit-chat? The unconscious tip would specify something explicitly inappropriate about genital size during some non-violent disagreement this character must have crossed me into accidentally before unawareness set in with your 2 pending nights you don’t remember their name anymore but had actual conversations with them – so it ends erotic discussion as in sex not just hot pillow talk waiting for text back from texting buddies perfectly timed to precede every unplanned encounter possible with teenybopper seatmates which e.g.) defines date discussions in terms of locker visits after curfew rather than getting caught vaping during classes might have contrived using that creative voice above like those halfwits trying really well she’s just a kid guy makes a second swoop level the playing field by offering the statement in the above rhythm frequently followed by “whatever I don’t care” this elevator hell sometimes used as perfunctory conversation starter and training early on when ambiguous which preceding action/already seemingly occurred but somehow then as anxiety grows as it did at least in tale of that girl only member from snooty ultrais local club does laps around bar such noise over brunch at coffee date is reminiscent to me like that phrase she knows where things are people not coming sex industry leading lady

How Can You Make Small Talk In An Elevator More Interesting?

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Final Words

The elevator is a great invention, but it’s awkward. It’s a small space where you have to make small talk with strangers, and no one knows what to do. Even if you’re unsure whether it’s okay to make small talk in an elevator, following these general rules can help make things less uncomfortable.

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