Is It Illegal To Throw Away Ammo

Is It Illegal To Throw Away Ammo

Though the majority of gun owners are responsible and take the necessary precautions when storing and handling their weapons, illegal gun ownership is still a problem in the United States. According to a recent study published by the Harvard Injury Control Research Center, there are more than 300 million guns in circulation in America today. That’s more than one gun for every adult living in the country. While owning a gun is your right as an American, following local storage laws and keeping your firearm locked away at all times is always recommended. If you have unwanted ammo sitting around your home, it’s best to know whether or not it’s legal to throw it away before doing so. 

Is It Illegal To Throw Away Ammo? 

It may be illegal to throw away ammo in certain areas of the United States. In California, for example, it is illegal to throw away any kind of ammunition in an apartment complex without written permission from the complex manager. Ammo can easily end up in landfills, where it can be dangerous for humans and animals to come into contact with. There have also been cases of children finding ammunition cartridges in playgrounds and bathrooms. The best way to dispose of old or excess ammunition is to contact your local sheriff’s office or police department. They will be able to direct you to a safe disposal site.

What Can You Do with Unwanted Ammo?

  1. If you’re unsure of whether or not it’s legal to throw away unwanted ammo, the first thing you should do is contact your local police department or sheriff’s office. In some areas, they may be able to take your unwanted ammunition off your hands for disposal. However, for a variety of reasons, this may not be an option. If your local police department doesn’t offer a way to dispose of your unwanted bullets, you can also contact local gun shops or sporting goods stores to see if they’re able to take them off your hands. This can be a great option if you’re throwing away ammunition that you plan on using again.
  2. Ammunition is expensive and valuable, so people don’t just throw it away lightly. However, when it is thrown away, it has a very good chance of ending up in the landfill. The most common way ammunition ends up in the landfill is by being shot into the air. When this happens, the ammo falls back to earth, sometimes landing on or near other people or property. Throwing away ammo can also happen when hunters or gun users dispose of their used weapons and parts that they no longer need. Unfortunately, many people throw away ammo without realizing how dangerous it can be to handle and dispose of them carelessly.
  3. It is not safe to throw away ammunition because they are contaminated with harmful chemicals that could cause long-term damage to your health as well as your environment if you do not handle them properly and dispose of them properly. So far, there have been no studies done regarding the long-
  4. When you throw away ammunition, they often end up in the landfill. In fact, the EPA estimates that as much as 60 million pounds of lead are deposited in landfills each year. Some people argue that this isn’t a big deal because the ammo is already contaminated and doesn’t pose any health threats to anyone. However, once ammunition enters landfills, it can be very difficult to retrieve it and recycle it.
  5. It’s important to know that even if you recycle your ammunition by shooting it at a range or by giving it to someone else who will shoot it at a range, you still need to dispose of your spent cartridges properly. If you don’t do so, you could be fined or even incarcerated for violating federal laws regarding the disposal of ammo and spent cartridges.

How To Dispose Of Ammunition Safely?

Check your local laws

Before you do anything with your old ammunition, you need to check your local laws for disposal. Some areas won’t allow you to throw it in the garbage or even flush it down the toilet. Your best bet is to check with your local police. They’ll be able to tell you what’s allowed and what isn’t. They can also tell you where you can take your old ammunition to be disposed of properly.

Burn your ammunition

If you have a large amount of ammunition, it can be expensive to have it disposed of. In this case, you may want to consider burning it. However, before you do, you’ll need to make sure that it’s legal to burn it in your area. You’ll also want to make sure that you burn it in an area that won’t damage anything. You don’t want to start a forest fire or anything. Burning your ammunition is best done outside. You can use an old metal bucket or something similar. You should also make sure that you burn it safely. You should keep children and pets away from the fire. Make sure that the fire is out before you leave.

Smash it with a hammer

If you only have a few bullets that you no longer use, you can smash them with a hammer. You can use a small hammer and smash them in a bench vice or use a concrete surface outside. You can also use a soft surface like sandpaper. This is best for smaller pieces of ammunition like shotgun shells and bullets. If you smash several bullets at once, you’ll notice that they start to rust pretty quickly. This is because the lead inside the ammunition reacts with the iron or copper. You can also use sandpaper to quickly and easily get rid of the bullets. You’ll need to make sure that you wear gloves when you do this.

Store it in copper-based metal

If you want to store your extra ammunition and keep it safe, you can store it in copper-based metal. This will prevent it from rusting and ruining the bullets. You can store a small amount in a copper-plated container. Make sure you seal it so that no moisture can get inside and damage the bullets. You can also buy storage containers that are designed to protect your bullets. These containers use a layer of copper to keep moisture and rust away. They are designed to hold thousands of bullets at a time. Unfortunately, they can be expensive.

Toss it in the garbage

You can also dispose of your old bullets by tossing them in the garbage. You can do this with copper bullets, but you won’t be able to do it with lead bullets. Copper bullets are safe to put in the garbage because they don’t pose a threat to wildlife. You can also take lead bullets to a recycling center to dispose of them. Unfortunately, you can’t recycle lead bullets in your normal garbage. If you want to get rid of your old bullets, you’ll need to put them in a metal can. You can’t put them in the garbage with other items. You’ll also need to mark the can as containing ammunition. This will help keep other people safe and make sure that your old bullets are disposed of properly.

Where You Can Legally Toss Your Ammunition? 

  1. As mentioned above, many cities have designated drop-off sites for unwanted or expired ammunition. 
  2. Some even have special events, where residents can bring their old bullets and other ammunition to be properly disposed of.
  3.  If you don’t live in an area with these options, you can still take steps to make sure your ammunition gets to the right place. 
  4. It’s important to note that you should never flush ammunition down the toilet or toss it in the trash. These are not safe ways to get rid of your bullets.


While owning a gun and discarding old ammunition is a right for American citizens, it’s important to know and follow the local laws related to gun ownership and storage. If you’re unsure of whether it’s legal to throw away ammunition, contact your local law enforcement or waste management department first. By following these guidelines, you can rest assured that your unwanted ammunition is disposed of safely.

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