Is Remitly Safe? A Comprehensive Guide 

Is Remitly Safe

Remitly is one of the most popular services for international money transfers. But is it safe? With an increasing number of people using services like Remitly to send money overseas, the question of safety is more important than ever. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth look at the safety measures Remitly has in place to protect customers and their money. We’ll explore the various tools and technologies Remitly uses to ensure secure transactions and the customer service and compliance measures employed to protect consumers. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of Remitly’s safety measures and why it has become one of the most trusted names in international money transfers. 

Is Remitly Safe?

Yes, Remitly is a safe and reliable way to send money abroad. Remitly is an international money transfer service that provides a secure and convenient way to send money around the world. Remitly is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and is compliant with the Payment Services Directive (PSD2). This means that Remitly meets the highest standards of financial security and consumer protection. 

Overview Of Remitly security measures

  1. At the core of any secure service is a commitment to providing customers with the best possible protection of their money and information. When it comes to money transfers, it’s essential to have safety measures in place to protect both customers and the people to whom they are transferring money. 
  2. Remitly uses a variety of tools and technologies to protect customers’ data, transactions, and funds, as well as the people they are sending money to. Encryption and Data Protection – Data encryption, authentication, and authorization are key parts of any secure transaction.
  3.  Remitly uses an encrypted connection to protect users’ data as it travels across the internet. Additionally, encryption is used to store customers’ funds offline, providing additional protection against cyber criminals. 
  4. User authentication verifies the identity of users as they log into Remitly, and authorization allows customers to access only the accounts for which they are authorized.

Remitly’s Customer Service And Compliance Measures

  • As part of the onboarding process for new customers, Remitly requires a valid government-issued ID. This helps to ensure that people are who they say they are and helps to keep them Remitly compliant with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.
  •  In addition to these onboarding practices, Remitly employs a number of customer service and compliance measures designed to protect consumers. 
  • Customer Service – Customer service is an important part of keeping customers happy and making their experience with Remitly as secure as possible. Remitly offers 24/7 customer support available through a variety of channels, including an online ticketing system, email, and phone. 
  • In addition to providing customers with the opportunity to reach out with questions, Remitly uses this support to help identify suspicious activity and protect customers from fraud.

How Does Remitly Protect Customers’ Money?

Remitly’s Advanced Technology

As a leading money transfer service, Remitly is always looking for ways to improve its customers’ experience. This includes investing in the latest technology to increase the speed of transfers and improve security. Customers can send money to over 50 countries worldwide, and they’ll receive real-time confirmation that the transfer has been initiated and is in progress. They can track their transfer on the go with the Remitly app, which is available both on Android and iOS. Customers can choose between two transfer options through Remitly – Express, and Standard. Express transfers are processed in one business day, while Standard transfers take three business days. Customers can also use Remitly’s advanced features, such as the Custom Amount feature, which allows customers to send a customized amount to their recipient.

Remitly’s Compliance and Security Measures

At Remitly, protecting customers’ money is their top priority. To ensure that transfers are always secure and safe, Remitly employs a range of compliance and security measures. These include: – Advanced Fraud Detection – Remitly uses sophisticated tools to help detect fraudulent transactions and protect customers from potential scams.  Authenticated Communications  All of Remitly’s online and telephone communications are authenticated, protecting customers from unverified agents posing as Remitly representatives. Customer Due Diligence Remitly’s CDD process helps to screen for potential money laundering and other criminal activities. It also protects Remitly customers by ensuring that they are not sending money to scammers.  Guaranteed Protection on Money Transfers -Customers are guaranteed protection on every money transfer they send, as Remitly offers a Money Back Guarantee. If a transfer is unclaimed, undelivered, or incorrect, customers can get their money back. Dedicated Fraud Investigation Team Remitly has a dedicated Fraud Investigation Team that investigates every suspicious transaction to determine whether it’s fraudulent.

Remitly’s 24/7 Customer Service

When customers send money with Remitly, they get access to a 24/7 customer service team that can be reached in a number of ways. Customers can call the team directly, send an email, or even chat online through the Remitly website. Regardless of the method used, customers can expect the same high level of service. Remitly’s customer service agents are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They can answer questions about the process, fees associated with transfers, and other issues customers may have. They can also help customers who have received an unclaimed money transfer, as well as those who want to cancel a scheduled transfer.

Remitly’s Money-back Guarantee

As part of their commitment to protecting customers’ money, Remitly offers a Money Back Guarantee. This means that if a customer sends money to a recipient, but the money is not claimed, the customer can request a refund. In order to qualify for a refund, the following conditions must be met: – There must be no funds remaining on the transfer – If there is any money remaining, the customer must request a refund from the recipient.

What Other Safety Measures Does Remitly Offer?

  1. There are a number of other security features Remitly offers to ensure its services are as secure as possible. These safety measures include: – Two-factor authentication – Remitly customers are required to set up two-factor authentication, or two-step verification, as part of the onboarding process. This ensures only those who have a valid login and password and an authentication code provided by an authentication app can access an account. 
  2. Automated fraud detection system – Remitly employs a variety of tools and algorithms to detect suspicious activity, like abnormal logins, account transfers, and other activities that may indicate a fraudulent transaction.
  3.  If there is a potential security breach or fraudulent transaction, Remitly’s systems alert customer service staff who then investigate.  24/7 fraud investigation team – If Remitly’s automated systems detect suspicious activity, the company’s fraud investigation team reviews the case.
  4. The team is made up of former law enforcement officers who investigate cases and work to identify fraudulent activity.  Data security and privacy promise  Remitly has a data security and privacy promise that provides customers with the assurance that their information is kept safe. This includes a promise to never sell customers’ data, never store data in countries without privacy laws, and never provide data to third parties unless required by law.

Remitly’s Track Record Of Safety And Security

  • Remitly has an excellent track record when it comes to safety and security. It has earned a 100% safety rating on Norton’s Security and Trust website, as well as a 99% safety rating on the website of Trustpilot.
  •  Norton’s Security and Trust “Safe” website is a resource that allows consumers to see which websites and apps have the best track record when it comes to safety and security. It uses information from a range of sources to determine a rating for each website or app. Norton’s Security and Trust give Remitly a 100% “Safe” rating and recognize it as an app with “excellent” security.
  • The company has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and was named one of the BBB’s “Businesses with a Conscience” in 2015 and 2016. Remitly was also given an A+ rating by the TrustLink community, which is powered by Thumbtack, due to its excellent track record with customers.


Money transfers are an important part of many people’s lives, whether they are sending money to family and loved ones or running a business. When it comes to keeping this money safe, it’s important to find a secure and reliable service. Remitly is one of the most trusted and reliable providers of international money transfers. By exploring the safety measures Remitly has in place, you’ll have a better understanding of why this service is so popular among consumers. From data encryption and protection to customer service, compliance, and automated fraud detection, Remitly has a wide variety of tools and technologies in place to keep customers’ money secure.

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