What Does Pursed Lips Mean? Why Do People Pucker Their Lips?

What Does Pursed Lips Mean

The pucker is a popular pose that people often strike in photos. It’s also known as “kissing fish lips” or simply puckering your lips. Pursed lips mean making your lips as small as possible so that it covers the teeth and almost touch your nose. Pursed lips poses are usually used to make the face look slimmer and accentuate other facial features like cheekbones or eyes. Those who practice witchcraft might also pucker their lips to bring good fortune or ward off evil spirits. The mickey mouse ears emoji is another common example of puckering your lips. Let’s take a closer look at this quirky pose and understand why people pucker their lips.

What Does Pursed Lips Mean?

There are a few different meanings that can be associated with pursed lips. In some cases, it may indicate that the person is upset or angry. It may also mean that the person is trying to control their breathing, especially if they’re doing something like singing or speaking in public. Finally, it can sometimes be interpreted as a sign of flirtation or sexual attraction.

Why Do People Pucker Their Lips?

1. To Make The Face Look Slimmer

Puckering your lips is a way to make the face look slimmer. To achieve this effect, you need to pucker your lips as much as possible. This facial expression is commonly used in Hollywood movies and other media where actors are often required to have a very thin face. It’s also used by those who want to look sexy or seductive.

2. To Accentuate Facial Features

Another reason why people pucker their lips is to accentuate facial features like eyes, cheeks, and nose. Pursed lips can also be used to bring good fortune or ward off evil spirits. This position also makes it easier for people with small mouths and jaws to speak clearly without appearing nervous or stuttering.

3. To Keep The Teeth Hidden

Some people might pucker their lips when they are eating because they want their teeth hidden from view while they chew their food properly. As the food is chewed, the cheeks and lips will pucker to protect the teeth. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to find people in photos who have their lips puckered while they are eating.

4. To Avoid Losing Your Breath

Some people also clearly pucker their lips when they are eating because they want to keep the air in their mouth while they eat so that they don’t lose their breath while chewing.

5. To Hide Their Bad Breath

Sometimes, people also pucker their lips when they have bad breath from having a cold or a bad diet. This puckered position can be used to hide the bad breath from others and make them feel less embarrassed by it.

How To Pucker Your Lips?

  1. Place your lips on the tip of your tongue and make a small circle with the tip of your tongue.
  2. Turn your mouth as you would to whistle and suck in air through the lips.
  3. Pucker your lips as if you are trying to whistle, but instead, suck in air through the lips.

Other Ways To Achieve The Pucker Effect

1. Press your lips together

You can also do this by pressing your lips together with your fingers. This will make the lips look thinner and pouty.

2. Lip Puffing

Another way to achieve a pout is by puffing out the lips, which gives a fuller appearance to the face. You can also use a pencil to achieve this effect.

3. Line Your Lips with Makeup

If you want to be more daring, you can line your lips with lipstick or lip gloss. It’s an easy way to make your pout look fuller and more appealing.

4. Smile for Your Lips!

This is probably one of the easiest ways to have a pouty look on your face without any effort at all! You just need to smile wide and keep it up for as long as you can without stopping! The result will be that you will appear much younger than usual, which is always a good thing!

Where Can You See Pursed Lips?

1. In a Photo

There are many photos of people with puckered lips. The most common examples include the mickey mouse ears emoji, the hot dog ears emoji, and the puckered-lips emoji. Puckered lips is also used in some popular social media posts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

2. In a Movie or TV Show

Puckered lips is a common pose that you can see in movies and TV shows. It’s also known as “kissing fish lips” or simply puckering your lips. You might have also seen this pose in many Hollywood movies such as The Matrix and The Fifth Element, where it was used to make the characters look more attractive or slim and accentuate other facial features like cheekbones or eyes. A popular example of puckered lips can be seen at the end of the movie Titanic when Leonardo DiCaprio kisses Kate Winslet after they were both rescued from a watery grave by Jack Dawson.

3. In a Horror Movie

Puckered lips can also be seen in horror movies, where it’s used to frighten the audience or show how evil the character is. For example, the movie The Exorcist uses this pose to show that the possessed girl is evil and dangerous. The puckered lips emoji is also used in horror movies to scare people and make them shiver with fear. Another example of this is when a person opens or their mouth wide as if he or wants to eat something which makes him look like a hungry animal.


The pucker pose is used by many people for many different reasons. It can be used to make the face look slimmer, mimic a famous person, or mimic a kissing pose. Pursed lips is a pose that you can use for many different reasons. Try puckering your lips to see how it makes your face look slimmer or to look like a famous person.

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