Why Does Kaz Wear Gloves? The Story Behind Kaz’s Gloves

why does kaz wear gloves

In the atmospheric world of the Grishaverse, created by the talented Leigh Bardugo, few characters are as enigmatic and captivating as Kaz Brekker from the “Six of Crows” duology. With his sharp wit, unyielding demeanor, and an uncanny knack for pulling off impossible heists, he’s a character who lingers in the mind long after the last page is turned. Yet, among the many intriguing facets of his character, one detail stands out prominently – his ever-present gloves. These are not just a mere fashion statement, nor are they simply a tool of his trade as a mastermind thief. They symbolize his complex past, the traumas he’s endured, and the walls he’s built around himself. The question, “Why does Kaz wear gloves?” delves deep into the core of his psyche, inviting readers and fans alike to unravel the layers of symbolism, history, and emotion tied to this seemingly simple accessory. As we venture further into this discussion, we will attempt to shed light on the multifaceted reasons behind Kaz’s choice, underscoring how a character’s minutiae can profoundly reflect their deepest vulnerabilities and strengths.

Why Does Kaz Wear Gloves?

Kaz Brekker, from Leigh Bardugo’s “Six of Crows” duology, wears gloves as a manifestation of his traumatic past, especially an event involving his brother, Jordie. The gloves symbolize the emotional and physical barriers he’s erected, reflecting his reluctance to touch or be touched. It’s a combination of a protective mechanism against vulnerability and a constant reminder of his history and promises made. This small but significant detail adds depth to his character, illustrating the profound scars from his past and the lengths he’ll go to shield himself emotionally.

Literal Reasons For Wearing Gloves

Kaz Brekker, the central character in Leigh Bardugo’s “Six of Crows” duology, is often seen wearing gloves, a defining trait closely intertwined with his past traumas. Here’s a closer look into the literal reasons for Kaz’s choice to continuously wear gloves:

  1. Traumatic Past Events: Kaz Brekker’s life has been anything but easy. From a young age, he has been forced to face the harsh realities of the Barrel, Ketterdam’s most notorious slum. However, the core reason for his glove-wearing traces back to a particularly traumatic event involving his younger brother, Jordie. When both were tricked by a con man and left destitute, they contracted a deadly disease from the corpses they were surrounded by. While Kaz survived, Jordie did not. This scarring memory of holding his brother’s diseased and dying body has left an indelible mark on Kaz’s psyche.
  2. Aversion to Human Touch: Following the traumatizing death of his brother, Kaz developed haphephobia – a severe aversion to human touch. This phobia is so intense that the sensation of skin-to-skin contact overwhelms him with memories of that fateful night and his brother’s demise. The gloves serve as a protective barrier, enabling him to function, interact, and even fight without the risk of bare skin contact.
  3. A Tool of His Trade: Kaz Brekker isn’t just any character; he’s the cunning mastermind of the Dregs, one of Ketterdam’s most notorious gangs. His gloves aren’t merely for personal comfort; they’re practical. The leather gloves offer a better grip, essential for a thief and a fighter, allowing him to execute heists precisely and defend himself when needed.
  4. Emotional Barrier: While the gloves serve a clear, practical purpose, they symbolize the emotional barriers Kaz has erected. He’s a character haunted by his past, and his gloves constantly remind him of the wounds he bears. They help him maintain a distance, not just physically but emotionally, from those around him. In a world where vulnerability can be exploited, Kaz uses his gloves as a shield against potential emotional harm.
  5. Identity and Reputation: In the gritty streets of Ketterdam, reputation is everything. Over time, the sight of Kaz’s gloves has become synonymous with his identity. It’s a symbol of his enigmatic nature, his unresolved past, and his position of power. In many ways, the gloves contribute to the air of mystery and fear surrounding him, reinforcing his reputation and serving as a reminder of his resilience.

The Functional Aspect of the Gloves

In the murky, peril-laden streets of Ketterdam, where danger lurks at every corner, and every shadow may conceal a foe, Kaz Brekker’s gloves are not just symbolic relics of his past. They serve a very tangible and pragmatic purpose in his life as the feared leader of the Dregs and as a mastermind behind some of the most audacious heists the city has ever seen.

Tactile Advantage: 

While gloves might be seen as an impediment to some, for Kaz, they offer a tactile advantage. The right pair of gloves can provide enhanced grip, crucial for a master thief navigating the treacherous alleys and rooftops of Ketterdam. Whether he’s scaling a wall or holding onto something precious, his gloves ensure that nothing slips through his fingers, literally.

Identity Concealment: 

In a world where even the slightest hint can give away a person’s intentions or history, the gloves help mask Kaz’s physical identity. Fingerprints, scars, or other unique marks that could identify him are safely hidden beneath the layer of leather, ensuring his activities remain clandestine.

Weapon Integration: 

Kaz’s gloves aren’t just protective wear; they’re a part of his arsenal. Custom modifications allow storing tiny weapons, lock-picking tools, and other devices essential for his line of work. This integration turns a seemingly innocuous accessory into a multi-purpose tool, making him even more formidable.

Protection Against External Elements: 

Ketterdam’s environment is unpredictable, with its damp alleyways and cold nights. The gloves shield against the elements, ensuring that his hands remain functional, unaffected by cold, wet, or any external factors that might otherwise impair his dexterity.

Physical Buffer In Combat: 

When engaged in close combat or when things don’t go as planned, his gloves serve as a layer of protection. They buffer against cuts, burns, and abrasions. For Kaz, who is always in the thick of danger, this protection, however minimal, can make a difference between a successful heist and a botched job.

Psychological Intimidation: 

Beyond their practical use, the gloves play a psychological role. Their constant presence, combined with Kaz’s reputation, creates an aura of mystique. Opponents and allies alike are left to wonder about the man who never reveals his hands, amplifying his intimidating presence in any negotiation or confrontation.

Quick Adaptability: 

A good pair of gloves allows for adaptability. Whether it’s feeling the subtle mechanism of a lock, he’s picking or swiftly drawing a weapon; the gloves don’t hinder his movement. Instead, they act as a seamless extension of his body, proving their worth in numerous situations.

The Gloves In Relation To Other Characters

Kaz Brekker’s gloves in Leigh Bardugo’s “Six of Crows” duology aren’t just a personal emblem; they also play a critical role in his interactions with other characters. Their presence and, on rare occasions, their absence mark pivotal moments in relationships, emphasizing the intricate bonds that weave the crew together.

  • Inej Ghafa: Perhaps no other character has as profound a relationship with Kaz’s gloves as Inej. Known as the “Wraith,” Inej shares a complex bond with Kaz, laden with unspoken emotions and palpable tension. While the gloves represent a barrier Kaz places between himself and the world, they also symbolize his distance from Inej, despite their growing affection. Moments when Kaz risks skin-to-skin contact or removes a glove, even momentarily, signify vulnerability and the deepening of their bond. It’s a testament that while words may deceive, actions such as removing a glove can reveal true feelings.
  • Jesper Fahey: Jesper, with his boisterous nature and penchant for trouble, often contrasts sharply with Kaz’s guarded demeanor. Yet, the gloves also serve as a silent reminder of their trust. Jesper, aware of Kaz’s aversion to touch, respects it, showcasing an underlying understanding. The gloves, in this relationship, become a testament to the crew’s acceptance of each member’s quirks and traumas, forming an unspoken bond of mutual respect.
  • Matthias Helvar and Nina Zenik: Matthias and Nina’s tumultuous relationship, filled with passion and prejudice, offers an external reflection of Kaz’s internal struggles. Where Kaz uses gloves to shield himself from traumas, Matthias and Nina grapple with their cultural and personal histories aloud. The gloves serve as a silent observer, emphasizing the contrast between internal and external battles of the heart and mind.
  • Wylan Van Eck: As the crew’s outsider initially, Wylan’s journey towards acceptance and self-worth can be mirrored against Kaz’s gloves. Just as Wylan learns to see beyond the superficial judgments of the world, he understands the depth behind Kaz’s need for gloves, showcasing his maturity and empathy.
  • Pekka Rollins: The primary antagonist and link to Kaz’s past trauma, Pekka’s interactions with Kaz bring the significance of the gloves to the forefront. Every confrontation, charged with revenge and history, is punctuated by the gloves’ presence, a constant reminder of their shared past.

Wrapping Up

In Leigh Bardugo’s intricate Grishaverse, details are never just details—they carry weight, bearing the imprints of past traumas, present struggles, and future hopes. Among these, Kaz Brekker’s gloves in the “Six of Crows” duology emerge as a potent symbol, simultaneously representing his protective barriers and his haunting past. These gloves, however, are not just symbolic of his traumas but are also intertwined with his interactions, decisions, and relationships. They serve as a constant, tactile reminder of the events that have shaped him, the decisions he’s made, and the life he’s chosen. In a world fraught with danger, magic, and intrigue, the gloves highlight the human aspect of coping with pain and vulnerability. Ultimately, Kaz’s gloves are more than just a fashion statement or a tool of his trade; they are a testament to the intricate dance between strength and vulnerability, between the scars of the past and the uncertain promise of the future.


Q: Is Kaz Touch Averse?

A:Yes, Kaz Brekker is touch averse. Due to traumatic events in his past, especially surrounding the death of his brother Jordie, Kaz has developed a significant aversion to skin-to-skin contact. This is one of the reasons he consistently wears gloves and avoids direct touch.

Q: What Is Kaz Brekker’s Weakness?

A: Beyond his touch aversion, Kaz Brekker’s main weakness can be seen in his emotional baggage and unresolved traumas from his past. These deeply embedded scars often dictate his actions and reactions, especially regarding trust and vulnerability. Additionally, his feelings for Inej Ghafa, a crew member, can also be perceived as both a strength and a potential vulnerability.

Q: Is Kaz Asexual?

A: Leigh Bardugo, the author of the “Six of Crows” duology, has not explicitly labeled Kaz Brekker as asexual in the text. However, his aversion to touch and how he approaches relationships, especially with Inej, is complex and multifaceted. While he has deep feelings for her, their relationship is not overtly physical due to his traumas. Readers and fans often discuss and interpret Kaz’s sexuality in various ways, but the books leave some aspects of his character open to interpretation.

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